Metal Detecting Southern New Jersey Sunset Lake - Round II


Recently I headed out into the field with SSJ (Swinging South Jersey) and Dave "Gopher", but first, SSJ pays a little social visit to DeMarco Detector Sales, and to grab a few bits of needed gear.


SSJ: Today's a social call.

Joe DeMarco: Morning, Dave.

SSJ: Morning. We're going out to the same place? Sunset Lake? We're going to know some secret spots.

I know some older spots..than the original.I know where one of the original Boy Scout camps used to be, and one of the old swimming holes. And we're going to give that a try today, to see if it's productive. It used to be, the last time it was drained, that was back when I decided to get, rescued.

SSJ: (Laughing)

Joe DeMarco: I was up to my chest in the mud.

SSJ: I think we got the news article on that one, we'll have to take a photo of it.

Joe DeMarco: So.stay tuned, hopefully we'll be able to find something.

SSJ: Well not only is it a social call, we've got to do some shopping too.

SSJ: (panning through DeMarco Detector Sales showroom).And we got his detectors.some of them. Some of them are still boxed up. Over there is where his Ace 250s go. You've got some used units. So you new guys, if you want to jump ahead a little bit. Buy yourself a used unit, they've already been checked out by Joe. Some of these aren't used units, they are are actually Joe's. And we've got the counter. And Joe ringing us up. This is what I had to get today.I had to get a (Minelab) tall man shaft. That goes for my little coil. An extra (Minelab) battery pack.I had one go bad on me. And, so I can finally see what my VDI numbers are (holds up cover).not that it matters, because I hunt mostly by sound.and Dave's got to get covers too ((Dave Gopher), showing Pro-Tector detector cover. Oh, and back here, we've got digging tools, covers, more digging tools, more metal detectors, and then the (sand) scoops.and more metal detectors. And you've got coil covers, coils, more coils, headphones, more coils, battery packs.arm rests (they're the good ones too), these are the., I busted the plastic ones, and got the metal ones, but I didn't get a stand with mine.the one I got was "pre-stand".battery packs, Minelab books, oh I'm going to have to show you this. (to Joe: Open to your theory.) And then we've got Pinpointers, more pinpointers, these are the Minelab pinpointers, those are the other, like FF1.

Alright, this is what I want to show you: pans into page in book that says "THE DEMARCO GRAPH"). Joe's got a section in Andy Sabisch's book (shows copy of The Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook by Andy Sabisch).so, Joe's been around for a while.

(Holding up display case of metal detector finds). Now this is pretty cool, this is the contents of a wallet that Joe found. It's some old silver certificates, looks like some old Liberty dimes.blood donor card, there's some old pictures there. But it was floating around in the ocean, since what, the '60's?

Joe DeMarco: I believe it was the '50's.

SSJ: The coins came out of there, too, Joe?

Joe DeMarco: Yes. All the coins that you see there were in the wallet.

So it had to be since the '60's since the coins are from the '60's.

Joe DeMarco: And it had old credit cards.

SSJ: That's pretty cool. And these (showing lots of coins), are Joe's finds.

Joe DeMarco: Some of them.

Yeah, some of them. Joe likes his beach detecting. He used to have a treasure chest full of it. Now he's got it here in this display case. a secret spot near Sunset Lake, in southern New Jersey.


SSJ: Alright guys, we're out here with Dave (Gopher Dave), I'll get the intro while we're all at the trucks.and Joe. You've seen him over at the shop. Same park. Round two.

"Gopher" Dave: (showing his installed Pro-Tector detector cover).covers the whole body here, you've got a pouch for your battery. It's real nice. And new type of dust cover which slips right on. you know, velcro.

SSJ: That's because the last time we were out, we were covered in mud.

"Gopher" Dave: That's the guy who got us in (pointing at Joe).

Joe: That's.Pro-Tector covers.made out of the UK. We're the US distributor and dealer of their products.

DG: (sliding battery into Pro-Tector cover).That's convenient.

SSJ: (Laughing) Definitely got to plug my local detector dealer:
DeMarco Detector Sales
1637 Fairton Road
Millville, NJ 08332
(856) 825-6009(856) 825-6009

SSJ: (holding up metal ring with animals on it) Alright guys. Gopher's on the board, we've got this gold ring.pretty sure it's gold. [NOTE: Ended up not being a gold ring]. The stuff we've been finding out along the edge here, it's real black or stained. We'll clean it up, make sure it is gold. More than likely, this is gold.

SSJ: (holding Silver ring) Joe's on the board with some bling.some .925. I'm the only one.I didn't get skunk. I got a ducky (laughing, holds up rubber duck).

SSJ: Alright guys, I'm working this swamp over here.and you want to see a heartbreaker? (shows bent up coin) NOTE: Wasn't us!. A Walker. Bent in half. Ouch. That we'll smack with a hammer to straighten her out, do some work, do the best we can. 1918, can't make out the mint mark. Would be, over in there somewhere.

SSJ: (showing 1910 V Nickel.) Alright guys, we just switched to a different spot. We're over here in Joe's secret spot. And I found a V Nickel.

SSJ: Joe's secret spot is paying off, we've got a Barber. 1895 I think it says. It's seen better days, but hey, it's a Barber.

SSJ: Alright, like American Coin Hunter's buddy says, it's got friends. There's my hold. Right over here I'm getting more beeps. (Digging). Right there is where I dug that V Nickel. See that hole. (holds up coin).uh.Wheatie. (1918) . Let's see, any more friends before I stand up? That's it.

"Thanks for watching. Support your local shops, they keep you swingin' (or you can use mine.I won't mind)." -HH

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